Philip young Bae

I look at an empty space 
Inside this emptiness, is the vacuity of the human experience. 
Lost inside this void, I search for the possibilities to revive this empty space.   When I look at an empty space, I see my experiences over the past years.   The spectrum of events that have affected me mentally and physically.   Recalling both traumatic and pleasurable events through space. 
Through this empty space, memories are expressed composed with sentimental and   personal objects within the space. 
Giving life inside the void 
An empty space opens up multiple portals. 
Space should not be seen as one dimensional. 
But instead a place that creates multiple openings. 
Portals that lead you to different memories in life. 
Total Blankness that can liberate imaginations influenced by your deepest thoughts dance   around together. 
Through these portals, I reincarnate my buried thoughts and trauma.   Recollecting what was lost inside the void 

This project continues my use of still life images from my fascination of creating multiple  fantasies within a space while drifting away from my previous Sci-fi influences to a more  Surrealist-based theme. Ultimately, my decision to move away from Sci-fi still lives was  triggered by a heartbreaking event that occurred past summer, when my closest childhood friend committed suicide. His sudden absence brought emptiness to my life, creating a void in me. To recover from this tragic event, I aimed to revive the emptiness by giving life to this void by filling an empty space that expresses my thoughts that consumed me over the past months.  Traumatized by the incident, I still have difficulty recollecting the chain of events leading up to his death. The manipulation and distortion of the images resemble and speak to my impaired memory as well as my innermost emotions.

Contact information
Instagram: @lipisllit