Amanda  Avalos

The mirror feels like a portal.
One that swallows me whole and propels me into a new world. One where no one experiences the same reality and every day feels like a never-ending dream.

I don’t even recognize the figure which it reflects.
She is definitely not me.
I’m not sure where she is from or if we have any relation at all.
All I know is that I fear her. And every time we have a staring contest, she wins.

I have lost all attachment to my body. It feels more like a biological vessel.

I have abandoned all search for truth.
I’m not sure if there even is such a thing.
If there was, I’m sure the burden would be too heavy to bear.
And there is a certain kind of comfort in the unknown.

I hope that I might die one day and wake up as a boundless, bodiless form.
I can only dream.

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