Stephanie Mendez

A feeling of theoretical truth acts as an instrument that empowers us to sort out the world through our thoughts. The mind begins to build a universe of general ideas that speak to reality in another manner. It grants awareness of the processes by which nature and civilization operate and of our expanding control over these cycles. It develops as a response to society’s current condition. The creation of a theoretical universe requires a method for connecting one reality to another. Artmaking, being a facet of self-expression, can help bridge the gap between thoughts.

In my process, I consider various photographic techniques to illustrate my subconscious thoughts. Layering, appropriation, and alternative processes open the groundwork for all of these images. In trying to tap into what cannot be understood, there begins to form a connection between human creativity and nature’s creativity. Photography being a medium that can manipulate time, space, and light brings life to an alternate reality.

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