Brandon Foushee

The Gray Area

Blackness, which is to say, black radicalism, is not the property of black people. All that we have (and are) is what we hold in our outstretched hands. - Fred Moten

One of the greatest tasks of blackness as collective being has been to hold itself
together in something like cohesion, to exhibit some legible character. -
Aria Dean

That was based upon the fallacious assumption that I, like other men, was visible.
- Ralph Ellison

As the politics of my body confuse you, I am rendered either hypervisible or invisible. The black visuality described confronts surveillance and combats it with the ideology of a sousveillance. Cadence is key. Spectacle is spectacle. And for this, questions of my relationship to this image box gives me permission to invite and reserve information. Black joy, black leisure, and black introspection can be read as radical. If they are read as radical, this work is not for you. Let me exist in the gray area.

Contact information
email: brandonfoushee!
Instagram: @Fooshphotos