Lily Kempenich

Maintaining order and control seems like it would be something everyone should value. Being able to exist and not have to worry about what comes next should be something we all strive for. It isn’t though. We create messes and destruction for ourselves every single day, but we don’t have to let them define who we are. Inner calm always presents itself to be so peaceful, but there are still ways to find calmness within chaos. Calm doesn’t have to be still and it doesn’t have to be quiet. This is something I have been actively trying to educate myself about.

It took a long time to admit that I have control issues because it always seems like I am doing something to avoid problems. Avoiding problems is my way of taking control. I think about things violently and I have allowed myself to be full of anger for so long. I like hating, I like ranting, and I like critiquing everything all around me.

I began stealing cones as a way to distract myself and it gave me a sense of pride. The cones have been objects in my life for so long now, it is hard to think of life before them. Taking something that is supposed to create order in society and manipulating them came to me so naturally. It allowed me to put my anger towards something productive that, in return, changed my mindset.

This body of work represents growth, change and coming to the realization that I will never know all the answers. Being able to maintain order has always been my goal and somehow it has only allowed me to only be able to exist within chaos.

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