My work as a photographer is heavily impacted by my life story. A main theme within a lot of my work has to do with my struggles with my identity. This work was incredibly difficult for me to make for so many reasons. Throughout my career as a photographer it has been challenging trying to explain what my work is about because I wasn’t sure what it was about. Maybe it was also the pressures of academia that made this work so hard to create, maybe it was indecisiveness or it was just lack of inspiration. I just kept shooting or worked with whatever I felt was important to me, and throughout the process of creating this thesis, I’ve come to understand that my work is about a creation of identity. This thesis has gone through so much to become what it is. It’s nowhere near complete but it is starting to create a conversation I’ve always wanted to have, but was too afraid to really do so. In the beginning stages of this project, I was trying to pinpoint specific parts of “my” identity and it never really worked, because there wasn’t a good conversation between me and the subject matter. This work has evolved from so many ideas but they never really felt complete. I was very unsure what this project would entail but I knew I wanted to make it about myself, but I kept feeling like I was being held back. What was stopping me was the possibility of destroying the identity my parents had created for me. This work and it’s process really is a reflection of who I am and the evolution of who I am becoming, a project that will grow as I grow too.

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