Connection; a touch, interaction, a sense of togetherness. However, the only connection we seem to have right now is through an invisible network, over the internet. I stopped counting the days I have been at home since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak; what's the point. I started to think about how boring life is when I remember its already been a month since I have stayed home. Instead, I spend each day doing the things I planned out doing and make sure I complete them. As a result, I seem to be sleeping at 4 am every day and I know it’s not healthy. That is the first thing I am missing, a life that’s not stationary at just one place.

Living in a city, every location I visit becomes a connection. I remember visiting New York during college tours a while back with my father, sightseeing at different landmarks. At one point, I tried to navigate around by trying to identify directions of streets and locations of buildings. I didn’t think much of that skill, I was simply trying to get somewhere or back to my hotel. Fast-forward to when I came back to NYC for my freshmen year, I felt a sense of connection as I knew where I was going. I knew in order to make NYC my new home, I had to feel safe, and this existing connecting that I have previously built has given me the security and reassurance I needed to feel comfortable. 5 years later, today, New York is facing an unprecedented outbreak. With the advance of technology, it enables a lot of people to work at home seamlessly, as most things happen in real-time. While everything seems to work, the value of a physical location or a personal connection should not be forgotten. We function and feel with our five senses, without a physical presence, there is always a part of the connection that is going to be missed out.

I miss seeing random people on the streets, sometimes having a conversation when waiting for the Bus. I miss just going into Starbucks and grabbing a coffee with my stars. I miss randomly shopping at a thrift store. I miss the food, oh good food… And Chinatown… Afterall I am Chinese, you can’t get dim sum or good Chinese groceries, at least not that I know of ( in Bed- Stuy??!). But I am making good connections with the present, and with myself. You might never get a better time than right now, to really spend some time, on yourself.

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