For my senior thesis, I had been taking ⅘ film photographs using a Toyo field camera rented from the photography department lab. The photographs were interior shots of the Pratt campus. Art schools have a particular esthetic that I think is romantic and funny, open spaces that have traces of the young artists working in them, paint and plaster splatters, little graffiti scribbles, and odd arrangement of objects as ideas are being worked through. When I scanned the negatives, I would sometimes take a photo of the computer screen with my phone, something to text a friend or look back on without having to open up photoshop.

When the campus had to close due to the pandemic, my negatives were also locked away in a closet within the photo department. All I have with me are these iphone photos of the computer screen. In contrast to the original photographs themselves, these screenshots are low fidelity and there was no attempt at composing them in any conscious way. But I like these chance images. They mirror the degraded experiences of the last few months. For now, these images will have to suffice but watering something down also adds to its clarity. ;)

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